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True View Survey System (TVSS)
Purpose This application lets you create multi-lingual surveys that can be used with touch-screen systems.

It stores the survey responses inside a database where multiple language responses are stored in such a way that linguistic results can be integrated into one result, regardless of the language.

Screens To view a few screenshots from this multi-lingual application, please click on the following links:

Survey Details Survey Q&As Create Questions
Survey Languages Display Survey Survey Results

NOTE: For more screenshots, please send a request to: software786@hotmail.com

Description This feature-rich tool gives you the ability to create surveys on the fly. All questions and answers are database driven and stored for retrieval later.

Features Following are some of the key features of this application:
  • Create Multiple Surveys Using the Same Interface
  • Create Multi-Lingual Surveys
  • Perform Data Analysis Across Multiple Surveys
  • Perform Data Analysis Across Multiple Languages
  • Select One Background for all the Survey Questions
  • Select Different Background for Different Survey Questions
  • For Verbose Answers, Soft Keyboard for the Selected Language is Automatically Displayed
  • Questions can be Skipped Based on the Answers Provided
  • Supports Most Questions and Answers Format (such as, Yes/No, Multi-Select & Scaled Answers)
  • Select Different Graphics for Different Surveys
  • Select the Same Font Type, Size & Color for the Entire Survey
  • If Needed, Select Different Font Sizes for Different Answers
  • Available Responses: Currency, Information Only, Multi-Column Rating, Multiple Choice, Multiple Choice - Limited, Numeric, Rating, Single Choice, Verbatim
  • All Survey Answers are Stored in a Database
  • The Database can be Located on a Centralized Server or on Local Workstations
Components This application comprises of the following main components:
  • Survey Selector
  • Survey Details
  • Question & Answer Formatting
  • Survey Languages
  • View Survey in Test Mode or Full Screen Mode
  • Survey Results
Technology  Used The following software development tools and services were used in this application:
  • Front-End: Microsoft Access 2003+
  • Back-End: Microsoft Access 2003 and/or SQL Server 2005
  • Programming Language: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
MS-Access and MS-SQL Server are the Registered Trade Marks of Microsoft Corporation