Wasim Akhtar

Database Architect, Designer and Developer

My motto: If you can explain it to me, I can develop it for you!
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Project Management - Summary
I use the 5W approach to manage my projects. I document these criteria for each task: Why, When, Who, What & How.
This helps answer most of the important aspects of my project tasks, including tasks that are discovered later.

PM Skills I have managed numerous small, medium and large technical projects in various capacities. I have managed teams for creating:
  • Technical Proposals
  • Use-Case Studies
  • Financial Risks
  • Project Specifications
  • Resource Management
  • Status Reports
  • Budgets
  • Negotiating
  • Vendor Management
  • Project Financials
  • Project Timelines
  • Technical Requirements, etc.
PM Documents I have also prepared documentations for:
  • Project Plans
  • Budget Management
  • Project Structure
  • Scheduling
  • Staffing Requirements
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Project Financials
  • Task Lists
  • Project Risks
  • Risk Management
  • Cost-Benefits Analyses
  • Cost Distribution
  • Test Plans
  • Functional Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing, etc.
Other Skills Here is some additional information about my work:
  • I have frequently worked with full SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) in various roles.
  • I have been involved in many Transfer of Technology Projects that required extra attention to avoid any last minute surprises.
  • I have made many Formal and Informal Presentations; as well as, written Project Status Reports.
  • I have also managed Projects across Continents; many requiring meetings at odd hours of the day.
  • I am comfortible with Agile, SCRUM, Extreme and Continous Integration methodologies.

Assisted a National Bank to identify and consolidate various aspects of existing RAR Applications; such as:
  • Setup configurations for their DEV, TEST and PROD Application Environments
  • Updated Comparative Statement Reports for Current and Previous Risk Reviews
  • Prepared Test Plans for Comparative Statement Reports
  • Prepared Functional Requirements and Test Plans for Handling Large Text Blobs in Reviews
  • Prepared Functional Requirements and Test Plans for Security Data Load Validations in Reviews
  • Changed SQL Stored Procedures Used for Data Imports
  • Identified links between Numerous RAR Applications, Databases and other RAR Files

Assisted Trend Micro in migrating 500GB global marketing data to an External Team (FNL) in England, as follows:
  • Setup Data Transfer guidelines for converting text with special characters from MS-Excel files into a database
  • Created Requirements for the External Migration Team
  • Created Test Plans for Verifying Reports before and after Migration
  • Prepared a Data Dictionary for the External Team
  • Prepared Processes to Identify and Delete Duplicate Data
  • Documented Business Guidelines to be Used for Data Validation and Verification
  • Created Partnership Profiles for Centralized Marketing
  • Identified NFR (Not For Resale) Clients
  • Identified Information needed for Reseller Profiles
  • Identified Information needed for Partnership Profiles
  • Identified Integration Points for FNL Logical Data Model
  • Prepared Testing Guidelines for Data Conversion and New Application Behavior
  • Created Revenue Mapping Guidelines for Different Marketing Levels and Channels
  • Documented Requirements for Alias Types and Company Aliases
  • Prepared Use Cases to Cover Business Usage Steps
  • Identified Duplicate Channel Managers
  • How to handle numerous US and International Phone Number formats
  • Highlighted Software Security Architecture
  • Managed a Project Team for Sharing Expensive Tools and Equipment between Departments in multiple Countries and Continents
  • Managed a Team to develop an application to Monitor Status of Construction, Maintenance and Repair Jobs at various Facilities
  • Provided assistance to Managers for handling Projects falling behind their Timeline
  • Prepared Formats for Reporting Weekly Status of Progress on Multiple Projects
  • Developed 100+ proposals of more than US$30 Million and implemented information technology projects worth over US$20 Million
  • Managed 100+ hardware and software projects through concept, design, pricing, justification, procurement, implementation and maintenance
  • Administered computer-related activities and functions of Proving Grounds, Laboratory Testing and Product Assurance Departments of the Truck & Bus Division of General Motors
  • Selected hardware and software for mini- and microcomputer systems to satisfy various needs ranging from office work to complex engineering and data analysis tasks
  • Designed software to assist in engineering analysis and data conversion from Datamytes installed on GM vehicles
Technology Used The following documentation tools of different versions were used for different projects:
  • Platform: Microsoft Project Manager
  • Documentation: Microsoft Office (MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Power Point)
  • Other Tools: Microsoft Visio
Project Manager, Office, Word, Excel, Power Point and Visio are the Registered Trade Marks of Microsoft Corporation