Wasim Akhtar

Database Architect, Designer and Developer

My motto: If you can explain it to me, I can develop it for you!
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I have more than fifteen years' experience in various Information Technologies (software engineering, network engineering and system designing) and Engineering fields (engineering design, equipment qualification, nuclear and industrial risk and safety analysis).
Throughout my career, I have worked with Fortune 500 and internationally recognized companies, and worked on projects involving leading edge technologies.
I am familiar with the current technology trends and have a good understanding of the issues and opportunities offered by the phenomenal growth of personal computers and the Internet, especially e-Commerce and data-warehousing.
I design my systems to be flexible and work effectively in almost any network design or system architecture.
I specialize in developing high-end enterprise-wide solutions around the Microsoft-Access, Visual Basic, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET and SQL Server platforms.
I am currently working on projects using all aspects of Visual Studio 2017 and SQL Server 2016.
I have worked on most versions of MS-Access, including MS-Access 2016. Recently, I upgraded an enterprise-level MS-Access 2003 application to MS-Access 2013, and set it up to work in a Cloud Environment.
I am currently working on projects using Visual Studio 2017 with SQL Server 2016.
I am result-oriented and motivated by challenging assignments.
I can work independently, as well as a productive member of a team.
I can also manage software development projects.