Wasim Akhtar

Database Architect, Designer and Developer

My motto: If you can explain it to me, I can develop it for you!
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Convertibles Trading System
Purpose A system for trading convertible bonds and stocks in various combinations

Screens To view a few key screenshots from this feature-rich trading application, please click on the following links:

Main Screen Other Screens Order Ticket
Trade Execution Ticket Trade Allocation Panel Sales/Trades Lists

NOTE: For more screenshots, please send a request to: software786@hotmail.com

Description This application was developed to replace a legacy system that was used by the Convertibles Desk of a major trading company. It incorporated key features of the old system, and enhanced it by adding customizable user interface and improved analytical modeling capabilities.

Features Following are some of the key features of this application:
  • Displayed live trading data from Bloomberg® on various forms
  • Used Windows Forms technology to create a rich client interface
  • Used User Controls to allow repeated use of the various components
  • Flexible user interface that allowed each user to display only the components they needed for their function
  • Users could create, store and retrieve any number of customizable configurations
  • Users could move, dock, hide or display any panel
  • Automatic synchronization of data on all open panels based on the selected bond
  • Ability to simultaneously handle multiple orders, trades and allocations
  • Integrated Infragistics UltraWinGrid to give users the ability to sort, filter, move or hide columns in any combination
  • Used 'Microsoft-Team Foundation Server' and 'Visual Source Safe' to manage code changes made by a team of Developers
Components Several people were involved in the development of this application. Following is the list of components that were designed and developed by Wasim Akhtar:
  • Main Menu Structure
  • User Interface Architecture
  • Bond Description Panel
  • Company Fundamentals Panel
  • Live Feed and Stock Information
  • Market Price Panel
  • Order Ticket
  • Orders List
  • Trade Allocation Panel
  • Trade Execution Ticket
  • Trades List
  • Yield Premium Scenarios Panel
Technology Used The following software development tools and services were used in this application:
  • Development Platform: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005+
  • Development Environment: Team Foundation Server 2005
  • Source Control: Visual Source Safe 2005
  • Programming Language: C#
  • Database: Oracle 10g®
  • Tool: Bloomberg API®
  • Tool: Infragistics NetAdvantage® for .NET 2007 Vol. 3 CLR 2.0
  • Tool: Infragistics NetAdvantage® for WPF 2007 Volume 1"
  • Methodology: MS-Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • .NET Version: MS-Windows® .NET Framework 3.0
  • Integration Services: Microsoft Excel and Portable Document Format (PDF)"
Oracle 10g is the Registered Trade Mark of Oracle Corporation
Bloomberg is the Registered Trade Mark of Bloomberg Corporation

Infragistics NetAdvantage is the Registered Trade Mark of Infragistics Corporation
MS-Windows, .NET, Visual Studio, Visual Source Safe, Team Server and WPF are the Registered Trade Marks of Microsoft Corporation