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Debt Settlement Manager
Purpose Used to manage all aspects of debt management and settlement by a leading debt settlement company.

This system was originally used with Microsoft Access 2003 using SQL Server 2005. Recently, it has been upgraded to Microsoft Access 2013 with SQL Server 2014, and re-designed to work in a Cloud Environment.

Screens To view a few key screenshots from this gigantic application, please click on the following links:

Main Switchbaord Client Form - EFT Tab Canned Letters
Case Details Case List Auto Letters
Admin Panel Managers Panel Reports Panel

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Description This application offers seemless integration of all activities related to managing and settling credit card debts. It helps track contacts with all parties involved in the settlement process, including clients, their creditors as well as agents representing creditors.

To assist users in quickly accessing a client's account status, they can search by several different criteria. Multiple search results display a list of clients or their cases, which can be used to drill to the details about any client or their cases.

Follow-up tasks and conversation notes, such as phone calls, about each client and/or their cases are created and tracked to provide a complete history of the account, as well as the current status of every client. Many tasks and notes are automatically generated upon occurrence of key events, such as completion of a settlement or account closure.

Details about settlement offers, as well as counteroffers are tracked. Offers can be generated in bulk or individually, based on each client's trust account balance.

Dozens of pre-filled MS-Word® templates are available to users to save them time in creating documents produced during the normal course of business. These Canned Letters are also tracked to avoid unnecessary duplication.

Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs) are automatically created based on the amount, frequency (e.g., weekly, semi-monthly or monthly), processing date and need for settlement funds. These EFTs are then submitted to the EFT Clearing House and their processig status posted in the system.

It creates hundreds of offer letters based on funds available in the client trust accounts on that day .

The system also creates and manages settlement payments to creditors and their agents. Payments can be scheduled in any combination of amounts based on the projected availability of funds in a client's trust account.

In short, all elements related to Client Services, Account Services, Settlement Services, Electronic Funds Transfer, Accounts Receivables, as well as Agent Commissions are handled through this application.

Features Following are some of the key features of this application:
  • New Login Form that works with encrypted Passwords stored in the database
  • Intergated Microsoft Ribbons available since MS-Access 2007
  • A Main Switchboard with a variety of very flexible search capabilities
  • One Client Form is used to integrate all aspects of a client's account
  • One tab integrates EFTs, Payments and Accounting data
  • Automatic EFT creation, submission and processing
  • EFT amounts and processing dates can be changed at any time
  • On a client's request, any number of EFTs can be skipped
  • Tasks can be assigned to an individual or a department
  • Tasks in progress are highlited to indicate that it is being worked on
  • Clicking on a Client ID automatically opens that record
  • Clicking on a Creditor or Agent's name automatically opens that case
Components This application comprises of the following main components:
  • Main Switchboard: Provides integrated search with task summaries
  • Client Form: Holds complete information about a client's account, debts, settlements and access to client reports
  • Reports Panel: Provides access to reports for all users
  • Managers Panel: Provides access to reports and features used by managers
  • Admin Panel: Provides access to reports and features used by company executives
  • Interface Ribbons: Integrated with the user-interface methodology introduced in MS-Access 2007
Technology Used The following software development tools and services were used in this application:
  • Original Front-End: Microsoft Access 2003+
  • Original Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2000+
  • Upgraded Front-End: Microsoft Access 2013
  • Upgraded Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • Integration Services: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Portable Document Format (PDF)
MS-Access, MS-Excel, MS-Word and MS-SQL Server are the Registered Trade Marks of Microsoft Corporation