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Patient Office Encounter Tracker (POET)
Purpose Designed for use by physicians for managing patient visits at clinics and hospitals using handheld devices, such as PDAs.

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Appointment List Patient Information Patient Diagnosis
Patient Procedures Patient History Voice Panel

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Description The system imports patient’s data from servers and passes it to iPAQ handhelds/PDAs. The physicians used the iPAQs to report their findings and order procedures. The data was then exported to the servers for billing purposes. It also had an integrated voice-recording tool through which physicians left instructions for their office staff.

Features Following are some of the key features of this application:
  • Loaded data only for the physician assigned to the PDA
  • Allowed entering new appointments on the PDA
  • Allowed creation of mulitiple patient-specific messages for the staff to follow-up
  • Voice messages included each patient's IDs with date & time stamps
  • Synchronized data with departmental workstations
  • Designed to work on handheld devices compatible with PocketPC 2003
Components This application comprises of the following main components:
  • Appointment List
  • Patient Information
  • Patient Diagnosis
  • Patient Procedures
  • Patient History
  • Voice Message Panel
  • Workstation Module for Data Exchange
Technology Used The following software development tools and services were used in this application:
  • Development Platform: PocketPC 2003
  • Programming Language: Visual Basic
  • Database: Microsoft Access 2003
  • Working Device: PocketPC or PDA
  • Data Synchronization: Wireless or USB Port
Visual Basic, MS-Access and PocketPC 2003 are the Registered Trade Marks of Microsoft Corporation