Wasim Akhtar

Database Architect, Designer and Developer

My motto: If you can explain it to me, I can develop it for you!
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Practical Software SolutionsMVC DeveloperDeveloped a large Model-View-Controller (MVC) Application for registering Cerified Ticket Registration using C# with VS2013 and SQL Server 2014. The tool included more than 60 Views and handled RC4 Encrypted Credit Card Transactions. It also sent automatic email messages when registered tickets reached their Expiration Dates.
Practical Software SolutionsALP-SOFDeveloped a Windows Forms Application for managing a university's American Language Program (ALP). ALP’s primary function is to teach American English to students from foreign countries admitted to the university’s undergraduate or post-graduate programs. ALP is very important for these university students because they are given Conditional Admission based on their successful matriculation from ALP. It was developed in C# using VS2010, SQL Server 2008 and Report Builder 3.0.
Practical Software SolutionsCurrency Transaction ReportingThis application was used to import all the daily CTR010 and CTR020 applicable transactions into a database. Each set of transactions are then reviewed by specialists who verify the validity of each transaction and cross-check to see if any of these need to be further researched as an unusal activity and reported separately. It was developed using C# in VS2005 with SQL Server 2005+. It used HTML, VBScript, JavaScript and XML for the Web Interface..
Practical Software SolutionsConvertibles TradingThis application was developed to replace a legacy system that was used by the Convertibles Desk of a major trading company. It incorporated key features of the old system, and enhanced it by adding customizable user interface and improved analytical modeling capabilities. It integrated Bloomberg's Web Service into a very flexible user-interface developed as user controls selectable by the Traders. It was developed in C# using VS2005, Infragistics NetAdvantage and Oracle 10g. Parts of the application were also developed by other programmers of the team.
Practical Software SolutionsDebt Settlement ToolsUsed to manage all aspects of credit card debt management and settlement by a leading debt settlement company. This system was originally developed with Microsoft Access 2003 using SQL Server 2005. Recently, it was upgraded to Microsoft Access 2013 and SQL Server 2012, and re-designed to work in a Cloud Environment. It used a highly integrated Credit Card Debt Information, Electronic Funds Transfers and Accounts Receivable sections for each Registered User.
Practical Software SolutionsSecurities TradingThis application was designed to manage multiple portfolios of a hedge fund. It tracked sales, purchases, as well as quotes of all types of securities using the same interface. More specifically, trading of convertibles, straights, stocks, futures and credit default swaps, was done from the same user interface. It allowed hedging of different types of securities (such as convertibles, stocks & straights) into one bin. It was developed in Microsoft Access 2003 Front-End with a SQL Server 2005 Back-End.
Practical Software SolutionsMedical Office SimulatorThis system teaches medical office management and billing processing to students. This software was packaged with a book titled "Getting Started in the Computerized Medical Office" by Cindy Correa. The book includes exercises that worked with this application, thereby giving the users a real-world experience of working with a database application. To facilitate that objective, the user interface was designed to enhance learning using a structured, modular and step-by-step approach to each subject in the book. It was developed in Microsoft Access 2003.
Practical Software SolutionsQuality AssuranceCreated data migration plans, QA procedures and use cases for moving mission critical data to a new system: * SOURCE SYSTEM: Partner Web – An internal application built on .NET Technology for managing Partner Profiles, Not For Resale Orders and Sales Opportunities * DESTINATION SYSTEM: Partnership Resource Manager – A vendor supported, template-driven application.