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Corporate Securities Arbitrage Analytics System (CSAAS)
Purpose Used by a startup hedge fund to process and manage stocks and bonds trades

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Quote-Trade Form Trade Allocation Monthly Pricing
Core Features

Description This application was designed to manage multiple portfolios of a hedge fund. It tracked sales, purchases, as well as quotes of all types of securities using the same interface. More specifically, trading of convertibles, straights, stocks, futures and credit default swaps, was done from the same user interface.
Features Following are some of the key features of this application:
  • Seamless integration of buying and selling of any type of security
  • Allows hedging of different types of securities (such as convertibles, stocks & straights) in one bin
  • Can handle any number of portfolios
  • Automatic allocation of trades to portfolios with the option to manually override trade allocations
  • Automatic assignment of trading type to Buy Long, Buy to Cover, Sell Long or Sell Short
  • Integrated email confirmation of trades to brokers
  • Constant display of holdings summary by portfolio
  • Automatic creation of files for brokers involved in daily trades
  • Integrated risk assesmment model for hedging
  • Color-coded history of quotes, sales and purchases of any company
  • Detailed and summary reports for month and month-to-date performance, broker reconciliation, ratings, stale prices, monthly pricing, etc.
  • Access to all features based on the security model assigned to each user's role with the ability to assign multiple roles to each user
Components This application comprises of the following main components:
  • Main Menu: Allows easy access to all functions
  • Quote-Trade Form: Integrated view of all trading activities by company
  • Reports: Separated by Front, Middle and Back Offices
  • Export: Allows export of daily trades for sending or loading to brokers
  • Import: Allows importing of Monthly Pricing and reconciliation with broker records
Technology Used The following software development tools were used for this application:
  • Front End: Microsoft Access 2003+
  • Back-End: Microsoft SQL Server 2005+
  • Programming Language: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

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