Wasim Akhtar

Database Architect, Designer and Developer
My motto: If you can explain it to me, I can develop it for you!
For a QUICK development summary, please look at SCREENSHOTS under Recent Applications!
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This Website uses Visual Studio 2017 and SQL Server 2017. It uses SQL Server stored procedures in it's middle tier to load the latest data from tables and views into these Web pages.

I have worked with Visual Studio since its first release. I have worked with most versions of Microsoft Access. I have also migrated applications from older versions of MS-Access to its latest releases.

I have also added mobile device support to this website. So, if you access the same URL using any mobile device (such as, iPods, Smart Phones, PocketPCs, PDAs, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone), you will automatically see a device-friendly version.


I have been in the software development business for more than 15 years. My areas of strength are:

1. I have developed a variety of applications using Model-View-Controllers (MVCs), Windows Forms, Internet and Intranet Websites, as well as Client-Server technologies.
2. I have worked with popular programming languages, such as C#, Visual Basic, ASP.NET, JavaScript, jQuery, MS-Access, MS-Excel, VBA (VB for Applications). I work with Visual Studio.NET practically every day.
3. I have designed many databases across MS-SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MS-Access, etc. Depending upon my customers' needs, I work with a variety of databases on a regular basis.
4. I have Project Management experience across the full SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). I can work with with Agile, SCRUM, Extreme and Continous Integration methodologies.
5. I have worked with MS-Report Builder, Crystal Reports, Reporting Services (SSRS) and Integration Services (SSIS). I have also created many stored procedures, views, functions, triggers, etc., at very high levels of complexity. I work with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) practically everyday.
6. I have also developed mobile applications with PocketPCs, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 8 with Maps Interface (in progress).

If you need assistance on a project, please send an email to: software786@hotmail.com